Wireless Network Adapters is not Working or Missing

Problem Summary

The wireless network connection on your computer is not working, and you discovered that the icon for wireless network adapter is not available in the Network Connections folder on your computer.
This problem can be caused when the wireless adapter is either missing or not properly installed.

Fixes for Missing or Unavailable Wireless Network Adapter

Verify that the wireless network is installed and working properly by going to the installed Network Adapters located the Device Manager. Check the device status by locating the wireless network adapter, right click on it and select Properties. If the adapter is working properly, ‘The Device is working properly’ message will be displayed in the Device Status window.
If you cannot see the wireless adapter in Network Connections folder, or the Device Manager, there may be a problem with the installation driver. Check the manufacturer’s website for the latest driver for your wireless adapter.

Wireless Network Adapter is not Available
1) Click on Start, and then right-click on My Computer
2) Click on Manage. This will open Computer Management window.
3) Click Device Manager and double-click Other Devices. Look for the wireless network adapter.
Computer Management

If the wireless adapter is found in the Other Devices folder and usually with an error message, this indicates that the driver has been installed.  Go to the manufacturer’s website, download and install the driver for the wireless network adapter.

4) If the wireless adapter is not found in the Other Devices folder, expand the Network Adapters folder, and look for the adapter.
5) Locate the wireless network adapter, and note the manufacturer’s name and the model of the adapter. You will need this information to download the correct device driver if required.
6) Right-click the Wireless Network Adapter, and select Properties.
7) Verify that ‘The device is working properly’ message is displayed under
‘Device status’ message window.
Device Status Messsage Window

If you did not find the wireless network adapter in the Network Connections folder, and you see an error message in Device status, this indicates there is either a problem with the device or the driver may not be installed. Download the latest driver for the wireless adapter from the manufacturers’ website, and uninstall and re-install the network wireless network adapter with the updated device driver .

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  1. ranjit sapkota says:

    but in my laptop even the error message is not given what to do?

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