Unable to Print Webpage background colors and images – Internet Explorer 7

Summary of Problem: You are unable to print Web page background colors and images in Internet Explorer 7. This problem is caused when the option ‘Print background colors and images’ check box is not selected in the Internet Options preferences of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). Fix for Background colors and images print problem 1) Open… Continue Reading »

Windows Cannot Start Because file is Missing or Corrupt

You are unable to start or boot Windows XP normally and receive the following error message. Windows XP Error Message – “ Windows cannot start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Winnt\System32\Config\System” You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original setup CD-ROM. Select “r” at the first… Continue Reading »

How to Fix Printer Subsystem Is Unavailable Error

Problem Summary You get “Printer Subsystem is Unavailable” errors in Windows when you try to printer a document. This problem is known to have been caused by conflict between some HP printers and Adobe Acrobat Writer. This problem has been observed with HP laserjet 1020. The conflict corrupts the HP printer driver installed on your… Continue Reading »

Unable to Print a Document in Word 2007

Problem Summary You are unable to print documents in Microsoft Word 2007, and receive Prop Res DLL not loaded error message. The problem may occur if the printer driver files are not available in the Windows System32 folder. How to Fix Prop Res DLL not loaded error message 1) Click Start, click Run – The… Continue Reading »

How to Fix Keyboard Displaying Wrong Characters

Summary of Problem: When you type the “ key, it displays the @ key and the reverse is the case when you type the @ key; this problem is typical when your computer has a UK keyboard layout and it has been setup with US input language. You will also experience the same problem if… Continue Reading »

Fix Your Computer Problem with Windows System Restore

When can You use Windows System Restore? How many times have you made changes, or installed a new application on your computer, then observed thereafter that the computer is performing poorly. Sometimes, changes resulting in computer poor performance may have been caused inadvertently by you, or could even have been due to an infection by… Continue Reading »

Why You Must Use Windows XP System Restore

Windows XP System Restore Explained System Restore in Windows XP is a built in feature that can help you restore your computer to an earlier healthy state if your computer operating system fails, or experience a major problem. System Restore uses a previous backup of your computer called restore point to bring your computer back… Continue Reading »

How to Remove and Reinstall Windows XP Firewall

Problem Summary: You may need to uninstall and re-install Windows Firewall because of the following reasons: a) A third-party firewall has been installed and the two firewalls are conflicting with each other. b) Windows Firewall is corrupt, and to fix the problem, it needs to be removed and reinstalled. How to uninstall Window Firewall The… Continue Reading »

Unable to view available Wireless Networks in Windows

Problem Summary: You can’t view, or you receive a blank screen when trying to see available Wireless Networks in Windows operating system. How to fix Available Wireless problem in Windows : This fix requires that you have administrative rights on the computer. The steps described relate to Window XP operating system and may be slightly… Continue Reading »

Folder Options is not Available in Windows XP

Problem Summary: Folder Options is not available in the Tools menu in Windows XP, either because it is hidden or disabled. The Folder Options may also not be accessible via the Control Panel. See how to access the Control Panel on your computer here. How to Fix Folder Options not Available: If Folder Options is… Continue Reading »