How To Fix Limited Or No Connectivity Errors in Windows

Problem Summary:

When your computer or laptop is connecting to a wireless or wired connection, Windows displays a Limited or No Connectivity error message.


How to fix the limited or no connectivity error on wireless or wired connection – Steps are based on Windows XP.

Option 1

1) Click Start, then Settings


2) Select Control Panel

3) Select Network Connections

4) Right-click and disable all cable and Wireless connection


5) Reboot your wireless broadband router by turning the power switch off, wait for about 10 seconds, and then turn the router on again. If your router does not have a power switch, switch it off and on from the mains switch.

6) After your wireless router is turned back on, go to Network Connections as described from step 1 – 4, right-click and select Enable for each of the adapter you previously disabled to re-enable each wireless or wired adapter.

7) Windows will pick up an IP address from your router and re-establish your connection.

Option 2

If option 1 above did not resolve the wireless connection problem, the issue may be with the wireless adapter driver. Uninstalling and re-installing the wireless adapter on your computer may resolve the problem

1) Click Start, then Settings


2) Select and click on Control Panel

3) Select and click on System clip_image006

4) Select Hardware

5) Click on Device Manager


6) Click on the + next to Network Adapters to expand the view


7) Right Click on your wireless Network Adapter and Click on Uninstall


(8) Repeat Step 7 for cable adapters if you had problem connecting with them.

9) When the wireless and wired network adapters have completed uninstalling, switch off your computer and switch it on again.

10) Your computer will detect and re-install your wireless and wired adapters automatically

11) This should resolve the limited or no wireless connectivity error message, and your computer will reconnect to your wireless broadband router. You may be required to re-enter your wireless router connection details.

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  1. It didn’t work on Windows 7 64 bits.

    • Hi,

      The solutions described were based on Windows XP. Popular solutions that have worked on Windows 7 include:
      1) Downloading the latest wireless or wired adapter driver from the manufacturers website. Uninstall your adapter driver, and update it with the latest driver

      2) If adapting the driver fail to resolve the limited connection problem in Windows 7, check if the wireless encryption setting is set to AES, and change it to TKIP by doing the following:
      a) Right click on your wireless network connection
      b) Click on Properties, select Security Tab
      c) In Encryption Type, change if to TKIP, if it is set for AES
      d) Also change the Security Type to WPA2, if your router supports this more secure WPA security.

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