How to Copy Your Outlook PST Folder Structure to a New File

Problem Summary

You want to create a new Outlook pst file that has the same folder structure as your current pst file, either because your personal folder is now too big, or you just want to start working with a new pst file.

The Fix

The solution I describe, while not a standard method in Outlook archiving options, it combined some of the steps with a twist that achieves the desired result. If you follow the steps below, it will create a new pst file that is organised with empty subfolders that follow the structure of your current pst file.

How to Create a New PST with the same Structure of Current File

Replicate Folder Structure of Outlook PSTI used Outlook 2010 to demo the steps below. The steps may be a little different if you are using another version of Microsoft Outlook, but the outcome will be the same. I have outlined the solution in two easy steps.

Step 1 – Create a New PST File

1) Open Outlook

2) Go to File > Info > Account Settings > Account Settings

3) Click on Data Files tab

4) Click on Add tab

5) In File name: entry field at bottom left corner, enter your desired pst file name e.g Test_Folder_Replication

6) Click OK

Step 2 – Replicate Current Folder Structure in New PST FileCopy Folder Structure of Current Outlook PST

1) In Outlook, Go to File > Info > Cleanup Tools > Archive

2) Make sure Archive this folder and all subfolders: is selected

3) Scroll down and select the current personal pst file you want to replicate the folder structure

4) In Archive items older than: enter a date so far back there is no chance you have an email in your current pst file to archive

5) In Archive file: click on Browse to select the new pst file you create in STEP 1

6) Click OK

7) Navigate back to your Outlook.  You will now see the new pst file has replicated the folder structure of your current pst file. All the subfolders will be empty.

If you have any question about this topic, please leave a comment below and I will reply. And if you find it helpful, or have any other thoughts to share, your comments are welcome.

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