How to Find Emails between Date Range in Outlook

Problem Summary: You may have accumulated huge amount of emails in Microsoft Outlook as you file, organise and keep correspondences over several years Outlook. Some of us are better organised than others, and if you have like me that lump most emails together in a single folder, it can be a nightmare to find specific… Continue Reading »

Devices and Printers Option in Windows 7 is Blank, Hangs and Empty

Symptom Your printers, scanners and other devices are correctly installed, but when you open your “Devices and Printers” in Windows 7, it is blank – all devices and printers are missing. It may take some time to open, or hang in the process, and eventually return an empty window. This issue has been observed mainly… Continue Reading »

How To Fix Limited Or No Connectivity Errors in Windows

Problem Summary: When your computer or laptop is connecting to a wireless or wired connection, Windows displays a Limited or No Connectivity error message. Resolution: How to fix the limited or no connectivity error on wireless or wired connection – Steps are based on Windows XP. Option 1 1) Click Start, then Settings 2) Select… Continue Reading »

Vodafone Mobile Device not Detected – Windows 7

Problem When you install Vodafone mobile connect K3760 pay as you go modem on Window 7, the USB dongle may not install fully. The device is not available when you open the Vodafone Mobile Connect software. Fix for Vodafone K3760 missing device 1) Attach the Vodafone K3760 USB modem to your PC.  Make sure it… Continue Reading »

Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) Service Not Starting

Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) Service Not Starting Your Windows wireless connection is not working, and the Wireless Zero Configuratin Service (WZC) is not starting even though it is set to automatic in Computer Management’s Services and Applications setup options. Your may also receive the error message below when starting wireless zero configuration service: “Could not… Continue Reading »

Wireless Network Adapters is not Working or Missing

Problem Summary The wireless network connection on your computer is not working, and you discovered that the icon for wireless network adapter is not available in the Network Connections folder on your computer. This problem can be caused when the wireless adapter is either missing or not properly installed. Fixes for Missing or Unavailable Wireless… Continue Reading »

Windows Cannot Start Because file is Missing or Corrupt

You are unable to start or boot Windows XP normally and receive the following error message. Windows XP Error Message – “ Windows cannot start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Winnt\System32\Config\System” You can attempt to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the original setup CD-ROM. Select “r” at the first… Continue Reading »

How to Fix Printer Subsystem Is Unavailable Error

Problem Summary You get “Printer Subsystem is Unavailable” errors in Windows when you try to printer a document. This problem is known to have been caused by conflict between some HP printers and Adobe Acrobat Writer. This problem has been observed with HP laserjet 1020. The conflict corrupts the HP printer driver installed on your… Continue Reading »

Unable to Print a Document in Word 2007

Problem Summary You are unable to print documents in Microsoft Word 2007, and receive Prop Res DLL not loaded error message. The problem may occur if the printer driver files are not available in the Windows System32 folder. How to Fix Prop Res DLL not loaded error message 1) Click Start, click Run – The… Continue Reading »

How to Fix Keyboard Displaying Wrong Characters

Summary of Problem: When you type the “ key, it displays the @ key and the reverse is the case when you type the @ key; this problem is typical when your computer has a UK keyboard layout and it has been setup with US input language. You will also experience the same problem if… Continue Reading »